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What is Concertina Razor Wire

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Concertina razor wire is a combination of ordinary wire mesh and concertina wire, usually made of high-strength single round steel wire and four twisted barbed wire nails.

The concertina razor wire has a hard and sharp blade that will frighten or injure anyone who wants to pass through the concertina razor wire. It is widely used on the top of existing fences or solid walls and is by far one of the most perfect physical barriers in borders, emergencies or military activities.

The concertina razor wire is not only widely used in the construction of high-security fence projects in the military and national defense fields, but also a perfect choice for protecting your fields and property. Sturdy razor wire can be wrapped around the top of your property fence for added safety.


Two pieces of stainless steel razor wire or galvanized wire are tied together by a clamp to make it stronger. The spiral cross blade is cross-shaped when opened, which is beautiful and practical.

Applicable materials:

Hot dip galvanizing;

Painted electroplating;

PVC or PE coating;

Stainless steel.

Concertina-Razor-WireConcertina Fence

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