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Razor Wire Flat Wrap Coils

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Razor wire flat wrap coils are made of high tensile razor wire, clapped into a flat panel formation.

Installation Forms

  • Flat wrap coils can be used in the following forms:

  • Installed against the existing smooth wire mesh fence;

  • Fitted to the welded mesh fence;

  • Fitted by overlapping the fence mesh;

  • Installed to the brick wall directly.


  • Flat wrap coils will substantially improve the effectiveness of the fence. Installed on this basis, innocent persons are protected from injury by the smooth wire mesh fence while the potential intruders will get frightened back.

  • he flat coils provide a neat but effective barrier when used together with mesh fences.

  • Flat wrap coil installation is particularly simple when it is fitted by overlapping the fence mesh.

  • It provides a high barrier when mounted to the wall.

Razor Wire Flat wrap Specifications - Standard Coil Sizes
500 mm
(20 inch)
15 m
(50 ft.)
9.5 kg
(21 lbs)
700 mm
(28 inch)
15 m
(50 ft.)
13 kg
(29 lbs)
900 mm
(36 inch)
15 m
(50 ft.)
14.5 kg
(32 lbs)

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