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mobile razor wire barrier

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It is intended for quick sending of powerful hindrances during the police and other uncommon tasks, utilized in security and salvage or uproar control. It is a genuine hindrance to the section of individuals and vehicles. Portable razor fence security boundary is stuffed in a compartment. The compartment is made of wire with a distance across of 6 mm as 2 bushels with 4 handles and 3 locks to interface the circuit and bins for moving. It is a winding security boundary concertina encased in a uniquely planned lightweight tape that gives the capacity to rapidly send, breakdown of the obstruction, and its protected transportation. The versatile security obstruction is intended for conveyability, growing and crumbling the estimation of two individuals. Simplicity of gathering is guaranteed by uncommon snares. The finishes of the loop fixed to the container sections. On handles joined rope with snares to make sure about the crates for the current materials when you introduce the portable obstruction.

Mobile Razor Wire Security Barrier                        Mobile Razor Wire Security Barrier

Portable Razor Wire Security Barrier Specification:
Measurements collapsed: 700 × 1112 × 1232 mm.
The length of the unfurled state: 10 m - 80 m.
Tallness: 1 m.
Weight: 50-200 kg.
Measurement of the helix: 900 mm - 1000 mm.
Sending time: 1-3 minutes.
Thickening time: 5-10 minutes.
Versatile razor wire concertina is created in two variants: 900/10 and 900/20. Recognized by its length in the unfurled state, which is 10 and 20 meters separately. The unfurled length of the two models is 900 meters.

Mobile Razor Wire Security Barrier

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