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Razor Wire Coils Solution - Tough and durable structure, visual and functional deter for intruders

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Company Strength

With 15 years’ development, Shijiazhuang Heshuo metal products company ltd. Had been one of the leader supplier of wire mesh products.

Our team mainly includes:
Research& Development team
Sales department
Price counting engineer
Quality control department
After-sale service

Our mission is to provide the best of our services with absolute dedication and integrity while maintaining highest standards of quality and performance, is to offer innovative and visible business solutions that also help us to lead with the commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations, is to create safe and secure working conditions for our employees with maximized opportunities to help them grow with the company.
Shijiazhuang heshuo metal products company can supply you all kinds of razor wire coils in different barb types and materials. All these are produced in strict quality control system. Our can supply concertina razor wire solution for your projects according to your requirements.




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