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Application of accordion razor wire

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An accordion razor wire is considered a very powerful device to keep enemies or animals from unwelcome entry.The sharp blades and spiral structure can trap anyone who wants to walk through or over the accordion-like wire.

Typically, a combination of accordion wire and chain-link fences or welded wire mesh keeps people out and doesn't hurt you (see Figure 1).This accordion fence is widely used in prisons, airports, homes, government and commercial establishments.

Another type of accordion fencing is made up of the spiral steel of the accordion.

Household razors and barbed wire

It forms a razor coil

Crossed Concertina razor disc

Accordion ring is currently the most popular military and high-grade residential security high security fence.Two main types of accordion coils are available: one is a single coil and the other is a crossed accordion coil.The crossed accordion provides the highest level of security over all the barbed wire fences.

Accordion type razor coil mounts without clips and it runs in natural circulation on the wall.Easy installation and low cost.

Parameter of blade gill net:

Material: galvanized steel plate, stainless steel plate


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