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Why is 358 anti-climb fence more secure?

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  Why is 358 anti-climb fence more secure?

If you are doing research about high security fencing,you have probably choose 358 anti-climb fence.The 358 security fencing  does have the advantages in bridge guarding, prison security fencing, electrical sub-station fencing, gas pipeline security fence .

  • Secure
    358 high security fence with a superior system for providing security where a discreet visual  impact on the immediate environment is essential. 

  • Durability
    High-quality advanced coating technology can ensure extended product life and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Efficient deterrence
    An effective deterrent, can stop all kinds of intruders up to 6m in height. Compatible with electronic detection and alarm systems.

  • Sharp Topping

    The blade profile razor wire along the top of the fence panels makes it extremely  difficult to climb or penetrate.

  • Weld  Strength
    Excellent welding technology and process control can form a stronger fusion between welding wires.

  • Vandal resistant
    358 high security fence provides  a barrier that is difficult to climb or penetrate.

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