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Straight Type Razor Wire CBT-65

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Razor security barrier is generally made of aroused steel sharp edge or hardened steel cutting edge. Twopieces of hardened steel razor wire or zinc-covered razor wire can be limited together by clasps to make it stronger.The winding crossing security fencing gives a meeting shape in the wake of opening wonderful viewpoint and down to earth property.

Straight Type Razor Wire CBT-65                      Straight Type Razor Wire CBT-65

a.Core wire material: aroused wire and tempered steel wire.
b.Blade material: aroused sheet and tempered steel sheet.
2. Particular:
1>Razor thickness:0.5mm,0.6mm 2>.Wire diameter:2.2mm,2.5mm,3.0mm 3>Razor width : 15 mm 4>Razor length: 22 mm 5>barb dividing: 26mm 6>Outside distance across of roll: can be :450mm,500mm,600mm,
or on the other hand as clients' particular solicitation.
7>Number of loops:33- - 102 8>Standard spreading length for each roll:8m - 16m 9>Razor pointed sort : cross sort

10>Packing : pressure rolls,water-confirmation paper inside, woven pack outside or in container

11>Surface treatment:Galvanized or PVC covered
3.Features: razor spiked metal is likewise named Tape Wire, Razor Tape Wire, Barbed Tape or Barbed Tape Wire. It very well may be introduced to accomplish the consequence of startling and halting to the forceful border gatecrashers, with piecing and cutting disposable cutters mounted at the head of the divider, additionally the unique plans making climbing and contacting incredibly troublesome. The wire a d strip are electrifies to forestall erosion. 4.Application:
Razor spiked metal is broadly utilized by in military field, penitentiaries, detainment houses, government structures and other public security offices; it is likewise utilized as fence for bungalow and society fence, and other private structures

Straight Type Razor Wire CBT-65

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