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Gabion mattress for bridge

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Bridge gabion mattress is made of high corrosion resistance low carbon steel wire or PVC coated wire .

Because river keep scour the bridge pier, it will affect the bridge foundation.

In order to protect the bridge pier, gabion mattress will be used around the bridge pier.

Gabion stone can effectively prevent erosion and collapse.

When installation, it doesn’t need a special drainage system. Because gabions are filled with rock/stone of 4’’ to 8’’ size, there will keep about 20-30% gap.

Gabion bridge protection system contributes to soil and water conservation and slope greening.

Gabion mesh can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, slope planting (greening). it can also be made into box/basket, mattress/mat used for rivers, dam and seawall erosion protection and reservoir, river closure. The most serious damage is that the water washes the banks and destroys them, causing flood, leading to the loss of life and property and the loss of water and soil. Therefore, the application of the gabion structure becomes one of the best solutions to deal with the above problems, which can make the riverbed and riverbank permanently protected.


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