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Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire

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Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire is typically made of excited steel edge or hardened steel sharp edge. Two bits of hardened steel razor wire or zinc-covered razor wire can be limited together by clasps to make it more grounded. The winding converging spiked metal presents a meeting shape subsequent to opening with excellent viewpoint and pragmatic property.

Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire

Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire materials: hot dipped galvanized stainless steel.

Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire

Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire surface treatments: smooth and neat

Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire patterns: spiral barbed liners shape.

Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire features:

Compact and rational structure, high safety factor, for the protection of prison and key project, rust resistant, roit resistant.

Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire applciations:

Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire is used for division of railways ,highways, landscape apartments, construction and prisons protection etc.

Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire

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