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  • With the increasing degree of lifting mechanization, the wide application of equipment not only speeds up


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  • Concertina Barbed Wire Fencing is a type of barbe wire that is formed inlarge coils which can be expanded like a concertina. In conjunction with barbed wire and steel pickets, the Concertina Barbed Wire Fencing consists of two parallel concertinas joined by roasted of wire.Concertina Barbed Wire Fen


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  • The Production of razor barbed wire also called blade barbed wire. razor barbed wire is a new type of protective net, widely used in industrial such as garden apartments, border guard posts, mining enterprises, military fields, prisons, detention centers, etc. razor barbed wire specification:Materia


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  • welded razor wire looks like a composed of barbed wire column with spiral thorn in order to isolation fence for protection. The welded razor wire is generally the column, and U-inverted triangled shaped steel linears and also can be used as the host of electronic fense to generate and receive high


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  • concertina razor wire is a combined with spiral razor shape linear, High quality galvanized razor barbed wire is manufactured using a central core of high tensile wire - around which a tape of razor sharp barbs is machine crimped. Concertina razor wire is therefore exceedingly difficult to cut using


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  • Steel fencing has been used for years. It is generally considered to
    be very sturdy. It is hard to break and is a good choice to use
    someplace where security is a big concern. Many people only think about
    chain-link fencing when they think of steel fencing. However, steel
    fencing manufacturers m


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