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Barbed wire fences installation steps and tips

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Here are some tips on how to  build barbed wire fences

  1. Select the end point and corner point position.

  2. Install 6"×8' wooden pile H-type support components on the ground for the ends, and install double-corner H-type support components for the corners on the ground. If a higher fence is required, leave 3.5' to 4' 4'on the ground to adjust the length of the column.

  3. Carefully unfold the end of the 4'to 8'barbed wire and secure it by wrapping it around the starting post and putting it back on itself at the required height to ensure the lowest number of strands.

  4. Carefully unfold the barbed wire to the end of the fence.

  5.  There is a chain filter at the end of the tension line.

  6. Cut the wire to an appropriate length and fix the wire at the required height according to the requirements at the beginning.

  7. The first line should be adjusted along the fence line (to obtain a straight line) and maintain a slight tension by pulling the line up to a height of 4'to 6'and then lowering the line. This process should be repeated until it reaches a straight line from beginning to end. This process will cause the wire to fall so that the fence follows a straight line.

  8. Use the first wire as a straight line, install wire posts (wood or steel) at 15' to 20' intervals, and adjust the distance as needed. (High-pressure fences, such as feed batches, will require heavier posts, closer together.)

  9.  Use wire clamps to fix the barbed wire to the T-shaped column (usually a new T-shaped column is provided), or fix the barbed wire to the wooden column, leaving room for the thread to "float" when binding (don’t Fix the nail tightly to the post.)

  10. When installing pipeline terminals, please make sure that all terminals that bear tension (vertical or horizontal) on them are strong and firm enough to withstand the tension. For example, in stakes, 5" to 6"×8' (multiples if necessary) in dip angles or other low-lying areas and canopy or high-lying areas.

  11. Repeat the necessary process to add wires.

 Barbed wire fences installation steps and tips

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