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Alkali-resistant fibreglass mesh used to reinforce coating layers and waterproof membranes

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Alkali Resistant Waterproof Fiberglass Mesh is made from glass woven fabric then coated by acrylic acid copolymer liquid. This fiberglass mesh has excellent properties  including water resistance,  flexibility, softness,  resistance to aging and attack from breakdown. It is widely used for waterproofing in roofing applications,  reinforcement for natural marble,plasterboard, and Exterior nsulation Finishing Systems (EIFS).

The fiberglass alkali resistant mesh fabric is an ideal engineering material  in construction with the   following  applications:

Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems:

Fiberglass alkali resistant mesh is an integral part of the structure in  EIFS.  The fiberglass mesh has good cohesion,high strength  and can  combine  with  EPS  board  firmly.  Moreover, it can resist  alkaline properties of cement and other structural compounds.


As  the  waterproof medium is weak itself,  the roofing system is easily cracked due to temperature changes, sunlight and wind. When fiberglass mesh is added to the system it can strengthen the ability to  resist this influence because of its properties of  high tensile strength and alkali resistance.

Concrete Cement:

Fiberglass mesh is ideal to reinforce concrete cementbecause of its high strength, corrosion resistant,strong elastic modulus, fracture strengthand balanced structure.


The fiberglass mesh is wound into a  roll on a cardboard inner tube with an inside diameter of  5cm  (2"). Each roll is wrapped with a plastic bag and four   (4) rolls   are   placed   in   a   cardboard  box.  12  boxes are placed horizontally with 4 boxes x 3 layers on a pallet, which is stretch wrapped.StackingTo  ensure  safety  and  avoid  damage  to  the product, skids should not be stacked more  than  two  high.  When stacking two pallets high, care should be taken to correctly and smoothly place the  top  pallet.

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