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358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fences advantage and application

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Anti-Climb 358 Security Mesh fence is an attractive but very safe fence solution. It is popular in a variety of applications due to its excellent strength, ease of installation and anti-climbing features. It was proved in the prison environment that 358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fences are actually impossible to climb or break through.

358 rigid mesh fence has excellent design and inherent anti-climbing characteristics, so it has an excellent deterrent to intruders. The unique Double Vertical design means that 358 can provide greater strength, while retaining the ability to see through products to achieve effective visibility.

Excellent rigidity and low wind resistance make it very suitable for use with electronic detection systems and alarms.

  • Galvanized after production

Different from other anti-climbing fence products, 358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fences are galvanized after manufacture. This ensures that all welded joints are protected from moisture and effectively eliminates the chance of corrosion of welded points, thereby ensuring unparalleled product quality and longer service life.

  • Destructive resistance:

358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fences with finger-proof holes and a 4mm wire diameter provide a solid barrier that is difficult to climb and penetrate. In fact, it is impossible to cut the wires on 358 using conventional bolts or wire cutters.

  • Stability:

Due to the rigidity and minimal wind resistance of the 358, it is very stable and very suitable for use with electronic alarms, and when the tension on the end anchors cannot be achieved, such as roof and sidewalk protection devices.
Excellent versatility

358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fence is very suitable for various needs from high-security facilities (prisons, military compound and electric facilities) to high-end construction applications, thanks to its style and strength, and excellent anti-climbing ability (Visibility is still high to this day) Properties. According to your requirements, 358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fences can be customized for measurement. The grid plate can also be ordered in black steel finish

• Building: stairwell fence, pedestrian bridge screen, protective screen
• Retail: shopping center, parking lot construction
• Correctional facilities: prisons, youth justice centers
• Animal enclosure: zoo, dog pounds
• Public utilities: substations, water treatment facilities
• Educational facilities: schools, university campuses
• Restricted areas: airports, cargo transportation areas, highway safety
• Entertainment venues: sports fields, community centers
• High security zone: consulate, sensitive location

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