SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Apple's three iPhones to be released this year will still use the Lightning interface, but Apple will add to them, according to a recent study by Kai-Chi Kuo, an analyst at Kai-Chi Kuo. Fast charging function.

The past two years, USB-C interface has been popular in mobile phone products. In the computer product line, including Apple's own MacBook Pro also used this interface, the industry had rumors on the iPhone 8 Apple will also use the use of years of Lightning interface, switch to USB-C.

But Guo Ming in his research report mentioned:

The new 2h17 model (referring to the 2017 iPhone) can support fast charging. We believe that the three new iPhone will use Type-C power transmission technology (while still maintaining Lightning interface shape).

A key technical challenge is to ensure product safety and data transmission stability during fast charging. In order to achieve this goal, we believe that Apple will use the Texas Instruments power management and Cypress Power OLED version of the iPhone (the legendary high-end version) may use 2-cell L-shaped battery, and faster charging speed.

In addition to fast charging, along with the arrival of the iPhone 8, there are OLED surface screen (at least one is), a special camera, and even may have a wireless charging function.

Apple's fast road

The reason why the use of Lightning, in addition to years of habit, there is an important reason is that Apple to maintain MFi certified license accessories income.

In fact, is not fast charging, with the use of USB-C microUSB interface will not be large. The main problem is the fast charge while maintaining the stability of the phone work.

Apple on the new technology "from the laboratory to the product" has always maintained a cautious attitude, which is led to the iPhone hardware configuration as Andrews phone looks so gorgeous reasons, 2K screen technology like Andrews camp after a burst of silence But never appeared on the iPhone.

Take USB 3.0 as an example, many years ago, Samsung has joined the USB 3.0 interface in GALAXY Note 3, but in high-speed transmission of documents, there will be a signal conflict, N9008V (mobile 4G version) users often encounter mobile phone connection File, the phone's 4G signal will be interrupted and automatically transferred to 3G / 2G mode. This is USB 3.0 on the 2.4GHz band network interference.
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