"Tonglu help" led by the "accessible system" courier company (Yuantong, Shen Tong, in pass, rhyme) in 2016 have completed the listing, a time industry prospects seem to be good. But Tonglu richest man Zhu Baoliang took over the country through the courier, the day seems to be not so comfortable. Following the Yuantong part of the site "was closed down" storm, recently, ranked second in the industry of the country through the courier was exposed due to the arrears of nearly 100 million yuan by the driver was blocked.

February 27, "Daily Economic News" reporter went to the country through the Shanghai headquarters confirmed that the country through the Beijing area there is a violation of the situation of the bus, but the relevant responsible person denied the amount of funds owed billion, but also denied that the country has suspended other outlets Operation of the situation. However, the reporter interviewed the country through Anhui, Sichuan and other places to join the business but found that some outlets really due to franchisee personal reasons and funding problems appeared to suspend the operation of the phenomenon. At the same time, Beijing, Shanghai, some of the larger franchisees that the network is still normal operation.

Concern for the industry, the country through the predecessor of the CCES (Shanghai Xi Yi Aisi Express) after several easy to master, in 2012 by Tonglu richest man Hong Lou Group Chairman Zhu Baoliang took over after the operating conditions have improved. State Rail Express 2016, the new executive president Lu Hongbin said in his inaugural speech, jump out of the "accessible system" logic to do the development of the country is a long-term strategy, causing great concern in the industry. 2016, the country has indeed made some actions, such as the signing of strategic cooperation with the sea cargo signed a cooperation agreement.

So, what is the current operation of the country through express? Whether it has jumped out of the "accessible system" development logic? In this regard, the country headquarters to "trade secrets" refused to respond to the grounds. Express industry experts Zhao Xiaomin told reporters that the current did not see the country through the obvious difference between the operation, the company can highlight the key to see the next step there is no new initiatives. It also pointed out that the current second and third line courier has not entirely depends on their own, more depends on the first echelon of seven courier companies ("accessible system 4 + SF + EMS + EMI) the pace of development.

The response says "industry is so

According to the interface news reports, since December 2015, the country through the delivery of a third party outsourcing company has been in arrears of nearly 100 million yuan, during which the owners have to go to Shanghai several times to discuss the fruitless. At the same time, there are already in Zhejiang Shangyu, Jiangsu Yancheng, Liyang, Anhui Ma On Shan, Henan Sanmenxia, ​​Sichuan Guangan striker, Nanchong Pengan Division, Anhui Hefei Feidong, Henan Anyang and other outlets suspended operation.
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