SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Ford's production line on Thursday, and even personally involved in assembling an F-150 pickup.

Zuckerberg met Ford's executive chairman Bill Ford and helped the workers to assemble an F-150 pickup, "installed the antenna, skid nails, and screwed some screws."

"I signed the label on one of the cars," Zuckerberg wrote, "Welcome to the future F-150 owner."

The trip was part of Zuckerberg's previous promise: he said before, hoping to engage with more Americans and bridging social division through technology and globalization. He plans to travel all over the country this year with a year.

"After last year's turmoil, I hope to talk to more people through this challenge, understand their lives, work, and their thoughts about the future," he wrote.

The Ford spokesman also confirmed Zuckerberg's visit to the company, but it was not clear how long it had been before the trip.
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