Recently, on the "price" "purchase" topic and hot up, in the "escape from the north wide" issue also appeared more controversy.

Today, an article from the media account "small million workers" in the small series of friends circle scraper, share, forwarders are mostly from the north wide and so suffer "house prices" "escape" troubled young generation.

Article reading volume has reached 100,000 +, point praise 6106 times, the author is a small million workers, must have you have seen her text. Slightly longer, read may be able to answer some doubts, we see the district to see.
Picture from the network, Huang Youwei's watercolor "your memory of the hometown"

I and my husband are from the five small town in Hubei test to TOP2, he Peking University physics, I Tsinghua architecture.

I am currently the top developer in Beijing is responsible for high-end residential; he is the top high school district in Beijing to do high school teachers, physical science leaders. We graduated from the University of Beijing nine years ago, during the move six times home, the last of the seventh, is preparing to move back to Wuhan.

Recently saw my friends circle a lot of "Tsinghua graduates can not afford school district room to escape back to the second line," the article scraper, the article is full of doubt, regret and dissatisfaction, so I especially want to record our stories of these years, the same A very different story about the house but the style.

Although we moved nine times in nine years, but in fact every move is happy.

Graduated in 2008, I moved from Tsinghua Bauhinia apartment to Shunyi new staff quarters. Company in Chaoyang District, from the hostel has a half hour drive. Just graduated salary meager, can not afford the nearby house, really grateful company to provide dormitory. Less than 400 per month rent, north of the small single room, from the school four to move to the individual small single room, but that per capita living area significantly improved.

During the deepest impression, the parents took their mother to play with Beijing. Was the summer, the father bent on refusing to live in the hotel, our family in my little room to play the ground floor, two grandmother sleep in bed, my parents and sleep on the ground.
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