Recently, the US President Trump boarded the latest US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "Ford", said the carrier in the United States has 12 aircraft carriers, "Ford" aircraft carrier is invincible. US "Ford" aircraft carrier really Trump said so cattle What is the weakness of this super-powerful war machine?

Chinese aircraft carrier expert Li Jie 5 in the "Global Times" reporter said that China should not be the momentum of the development of the US Navy scared alive, the United States to develop their own aircraft carrier, we have to develop our aircraft carrier, of course, the development of domestic aircraft carrier is not used and the United States Aircraft carrier duel, but for other occasions, but we also have a way to deal with the US aircraft carrier. At the same time, the United States in the development of a new generation of aircraft carrier advanced technology at the same time, we have to track and learn the latest technology development.

Li Jie believes that the US Navy's "Ford" class aircraft carrier although the cattle, but there are many weaknesses and lack. First of all, the "Ford" class aircraft carrier, although advanced technology, the use of a large number of new concepts of weapons and equipment, but far beyond the real needs, resulting in the development of the aircraft carrier and the test process is too difficult to achieve, such as dual-band radar Is too expensive, the United States from the second "Ford" level began to cancel the dual-band radar, but to take "quality and cheap" radar. As a result, the "Ford" class follow-up radar radar detection performance will decline. Second, the aircraft carrier design has some obvious shortcomings, such as the initial design is take-off and landing are using electromagnetic catapult and electromagnetic blocking system, and later due to electromagnetic shielding device technical content is too high, the development has not been cleared, had to "Ford" temporarily cancel the electromagnetic block Device that takes off only when using an electromagnetic catapult, which is equivalent to half the performance discount. Third, although the use of a new nuclear reactor nuclear reactor, with a stronger power supply capacity, but the use of the entire system design, so that the entire system there is a great risk of failure and vulnerability, usually the carrier line is easy to fault and lead to the entire system Paralyzed, wartime If the power system is under attack, the entire aircraft carrier system may fall into a huge risk. Fourth, the "Ford" level of the turbine generator prone to failure in the entire installation and testing process, the turbine generator multiple failures, high failure rate, the power system has a great impact. Last September, the US Department of Defense on the turbine generator part of the repair, but not only part of the turbine generator failure, and the entire system problems. Fifth, the future will have a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles on board, but for the number of unmanned aerial vehicles to reach the number, as well as the relationship with the man-machine, the US Navy on this issue is not decisive, which for the "Ford" application buried. Because some experts in the US military only from the advantages of UAV considerations, rather than from the actual results and future tasks to consider the effectiveness of aspects. The last one is the "Ford" level is the biggest problem, that is, the "Ford" level of high cost, first developed costs more than $ 13 billion, not the aircraft carrier-based aircraft, the future is the four generations of machines, and the Escort formation also Should be replaced, the cost of the whole cost will rise sharply. If the future builds 12 "Ford" levels, it will be an astronomical number, and if you calculate the cost of the life cycle, the number will be very alarming. It is estimated that the "Ford" class aircraft carrier's life cycle cost will be $ 25 billion, if the two existing two will need to add another $ 500 billion, which is equivalent to half of the US military year, of course, the money allocated to The entire carrier lifespan for 50 years, even if it is a lot of money. The United States can not afford, Trump is just wishful thinking about the revival of the US Navy, but the US national strength finally can not afford such a large interference navy, there is a big problem.
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