According to the Hong Kong "Ming Pao" website March 1 reported that on February 28, there are members of the Chinese diplomatic think tank to go to South Korea to cancel the Rakuten Hotel plan.

Hong Kong "Ming Pao" website quoted Yonhap news agency reported that, with the Lotte Group signed a land exchange agreement, the Korean military side will be the standard of the golf course is designated as military control area, and in accordance with the "US military status agreement" to the United States to sell land, then start Design, environmental assessment, construction. Han Junfang said, in order to save time, to the US military to sell land and "Sade" deployment design will be carried out at the same time, for the Korean Ministry of Defense in December 2016 on the election of the EIA enterprises. South Korea's Ministry of Defense that the Xingzhou County golf course hydropower, roads and other infrastructure conditions are better, need to build new facilities, plans to complete the deployment between May and July.

Reported that the February 28 departure to Seoul, China's diplomatic think tank Chahar Institute delegation, before the emergency decision to cancel the Rakuten hotel, the delegation members expressed strong resistance to the business in Lotte's consumption. Chahar learns as an unofficial think tank for diplomatic and international relations, dedicated to the settlement of the "Sade" crisis and has been mediating with the ROK many times. At this time, the chairman of the Chahar Society, Han Fangming, will be invited by the relevant parties of the Republic of Korea to attend the Korean National Breakfast Prayer and continue to hold talks on the issue of "Sade" and China-ROK relations.

According to the Hong Kong "Economic Daily" website reported on March 1, Lotte Group to the United States and South Korea to deploy "Sade" anti-missile system to provide land, triggering the mainland civil discontent to upgrade, and the first containment Lotte supermarket event. Jilin recently a group of uncle uncle of the people, holding a banner block in the local Lotte supermarket door, said the requirements Lotte "get out of China."
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