"The first one I will wear a gas mask, wearing a long time will be hypoxia, people still uncomfortable, very angry." This morning, located in Chengdu High-tech Zone King and Technology Co., Ltd. staff Zhang Gang made a worry. Originally, his company because of the original lease expires will change the new site. In January this year, employees moved into the new office, and the new office is still continuing to renovate, employees in the office of the process to endure the pungent smell. Therefore, wearing a gas mask, has become a way of self-protection of employees.

According to the company's other staff Wang Qiang introduced, just moved into the company's new site when the situation is the most serious, while the decoration workers in the putty, brush paint, while employees at work, taste great, especially uncomfortable. In order to solve the work environment, there are employees to the company downstairs supermarket, coffee shop rest or office. And Wang Qiang frankly, after the New Year, the company has several employees resigned, and office environment is one of the reasons for resignation.
Employees wear gas masks to work

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Indoor pungent odor obvious part of the staff wearing a gas mask to work

Today, around 10 am, Sichuan News Network reporter came to the high-tech zone Tianfu Street, an office building. It is understood that the office of the 8,9,10 layer are King and Technology Co., Ltd. office area, and 8 layer is pungent smell of "hardest hit". Sichuan News Network reporter reached the elevator on the 8th floor, just under the elevator will be able to smell a pungent smell of children, but also stacked in the elevator construction materials. In the office entrance to the left side of the door is placed a wooden ladder, a few male employees are under construction.

According to one of the decoration workers, the office area is renovated from December last year, probably to the middle of March this year to finish. And when the Sichuan News Network reporter asked the indoor pungent smell, the decoration workers said: "We have not yet completed, the staff moved in, we are inside the construction, the taste is a bit big." That these thorns Where does the smell of the nose come from? The decorating worker opened the gray square carpet on the floor by hand. "At first there is no such a big taste, and later on the ground with a layer of wood after the taste on the big, the main is the taste of wood, and the wood itself contains formaldehyde.

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